This is what I’m talking about when I talk about genderqueer people using gender stereotypes.

With those labels all you’re doing is moving from one requirement to another. Now instead of feeling like you have to enjoy your relationship, you have to do—whatever it is that aromantics do. Labels can be very important but people are using them as an excuse to not accept themselves and jump into a new definition.

This is how you end up with gray-a  and demiromantic. You can’t just be a person who isn’t attracted to many people and be fine with that, you need a label and a club even without oppression or real pressure to be different. Diagnosis, on the other hand, involve not being able to help being different from other people in major ways and usually being shamed about it—people with chronic pain are told to suck it up because we all have aches and pains, people with depression are told to just be happy, people with ADHD are told to just focus. Comparing being aromantic with diagnosis is moronic.